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Sunday, 4-Jul-2010 09:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Selamat Tinggal Sepang...Penang here we come...

Assalamualaikum and hello...lamo tak update... pls check my facebook for new information...

Saturday, 6-Sep-2008 17:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Selamat Tinggal Kuching......Sepang here I come!!!!

Nanti2 leee imah update dok busy dok kemas....k.....wassalam....

Friday, 25-Jul-2008 00:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
ROS program at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tabuan (1 week)

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Here I have concluded that holding a School Observation (ROS) at primary school is crucial for graduate teachers. This is to ensure the teachers are not only exposed to teaching practicum at secondary school but also exposed to primary school’s environment as it is also necessary to all graduate teachers. This will absolutely give a clearer picture the continuity of the student’s performance or processes since the beginning of the learning stage until the secondary stage.
While I was at SK Tabuan for a week (5 days), I found the level of students in the primary school was at very low ability. Moreover, the family background of the students are mostly from lower income group such as general workers, labor, factory workers, and etc. However this is not the main reasons affected the students’ performance but lack of awareness among parents on the importance of their children study performance is very crucial indeed.
In mathematics subject, the English medium is much burdens the low ability students. This affected their leaning attitude and the learning process will much harder than before. Learning mathematics in English is good for high ability students or moderate to continue their studies in higher lever such as in IPTA or IPTS since most of higher education uses English as main language. However in the lower grade class, they already have a problem in English and now learn mathematics in English makes them more confused. If this issue is not overcome diligently, then an obvious border is created between those groups. The education minister department should review this matter deeply because our country development is contributed from these levels as well and should not oversight from any programmes.
However teachers and staffs are very helpful and friendly. All my needs such as school organization, management information, class / students’ performance, students’ achievements, teachers and staffs activities, teachers and staffs duties, students’ activities, and etc are being fulfilled by them.
The SK Tabuan’s students and teachers are also exposed with the use of ICT in teaching and learning. The internet service is provided to ease the teachers to seek the latest information for their teaching aids. Nowadays, the ICT is essential to exchange information, thoughts and techniques with others especially teachers in Malaysia and also global. With this technology also the teachers are able to share their problems and seeking for solutions especially on how to upgrade their quality of teaching from days to days.
In my opinion, a ROS within a week is not adequate for an individual to get himself/herself exposed in details the teaching and learning processes in the school. Moreover, first day until third day I was only exposed with the overall process but not down to details especially the attitude and aptitude of within the students. Meanwhile from day 4 to day 5, the school had a 2008 sport day carnival and I was in-charged as a coordinator in calculate the points. The carnival was running smoothly as per planned. In the carnival day, I also involved as photographer.
Lastly but not least, the programme at SK Tabuan has left a sweet memorable moments to me especially for the greatest cooperation given from all the teachers and the staffs. The headmaster had also delivered hands as best as his could for me to undergo the programme in this school.

Here are some photos in sport day carnival on 25 July 2008..

Thursday, 17-Jul-2008 05:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hari Terakhir d Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Kuching No 2

Mathematics Room
My last lesson
Saya cikgu...
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I`m very appreciated to all staff and students in SMKBK2 for all things. 17 July is my last day doing the teaching practicum so here my students in class 2D and 1E. I taught them in mathematics subject and hope they are enjoy in my teaching process. Cayok2

Pelajar2 class 1E........

Pelajar2 class 2D

A million thanks to all SMKBK2 Citizens.

Saturday, 28-Jun-2008 05:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hari Gawai.....di perkampungan Bidayuh

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Biasa lee dah dok kat sarawak nie pelbagai perayaan tau.. walaupun hari gawai...orang iban lain....bidayuh lain.....emmm nie gambaq masa me n my family p rumah terbuka di perkampungan bidayuh n test drive `triton`

Adam + Adik n Baby ngan kanak2 bidayuh


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